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Explore the kind of profile we'll be making for you

Easy process

We help you build up your online presence in an efficient manner. From sending in your information to having your Linkedin profile setup and available to you, everything is done with simplicity.

Secure system

All of our clients’ information is stored in Google’s secure servers. Only you and your respective writer will have access to your information. We guarantee your personal information’s privacy.

Quality Writing

Our writers are carefully selected through a competitive application, and all have extensive backgrounds in writing. Many have won national and international accolades for their work.


Throughout the profile making process, our writers will be open and available for communication. The writer-client interaction is very important. We want your profile to project your voice.

Build your network now

Employers are looking for strong online presence.

90% of employers will look you up on LinkedIn when considering you for a job. Would you be comfortable with the person that they saw today? What if they couldn't even find you? Do you think they would then give you the job? Greg Farrall's comments reflect the hesitations of employers everywhere when looking to hire new employees, whether for internships or a full time job. When every application is competitive, it is the little details such as how well they use platforms such as LinkedIn to showcase their abilities that can lead to a job offer.

Menerva has a solution for you.

  • Before I buy anything nowadays, I search, I shop and only after seeing exactly what I like, time and time again, do I buy.  Do you think I do anything differently when investing a ton of money into someone at a multi-million dollar wealth management company that I own?

    Greg Farrall
    Greg FarrallFounder and CEO of Farrall Wealth Management

Ready to develop your online presence?

  • In a world where the competition for jobs is ever increasing, it’s never too early to begin building a positive online presence and growing your network of connections.  Since your online presence is a powerful part of your digital resume, platforms such as Linkedin are an invaluable way to represent yourself as a successful hire for any employer, all while creating contacts to help you in your professional career.

    Steven RobertsonCEO of JKCP

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